Jon Barry is the founder of Forged Gaming, a renowned game accessories company. Jon has dedicated himself to creating a plethora of products that enhance the gaming experience, such as dice and game master screens. His pursuit of excellence and deep passion for gaming have driven him to push the boundaries of the industry, establishing Forged Games as a leader in the gaming accessory market. For those eager to learn about game accessory creation, this episode offers a wealth of invaluable lessons and insights.

“I’ve always been interested in being the master of my own destiny.”

We start by delving into the development of Jon’s game accessories company, aptly called Forged. He shares the groundwork he laid by engaging with local game stores and immersing himself in their communities to understand what they wanted and needed. Through this hands-on approach, Jon gained insights into the desires, pain points, and preferences of these stores. Jon also takes us through the entire journey of designing, developing, and manufacturing these game accessories, revealing the meticulous process behind their creation.

“I don’t have a secret formula other than consistency: it’s calling stores and building those direct relationships. It’s hard work!”

Jon and I love social interactions and are very outgoing. Starting a conversation or reaching out to a stranger is not something we’re often intimidated by. In many episodes of this podcast, I have emphasized the significance of meaningful social connections.

Of course, not everyone shares the same level of comfort in social settings, particularly those who identify as shy or introverted. Here, we take some time discussing some strategies tailored specifically for individuals who may feel more reserved, empowering them to navigate the gaming world. If you’ve got some tips for us, feel free to email them to:

“We wanted to make the Game Master screen that all of us wanted.”

Next, Jon introduces his groundbreaking game master screen, set to launch through a crowdfunding campaign. You can learn more about it here:

Jon discusses his reasons for entering the crowdfunding world and his strategic approach to the campaign. We discuss his motivations for creating this product and how fans helped shape the final result. This leads to a conversation about the future of artificial intelligence in games, from Game Mastering to Game Design. Something we are both optimistic about and excited to experiment with and add to our creative toolkit.